2011 Houses Awards

House in Country NSW (Winner)

House in Country NSW

Virginia Kerridge Architect
State: NSW
Phone: 0425226045
Web: www.vk.com.au

Max Creasy

Jury Citation

This house demonstrates a complete commitment from an architect and their client in the making of Australian residential architecture. Its beauty is undeniable. Set against the towering mountain ranges that define the valley site, the architectural expression of this sprawling farmhouse is simultaneously fragile and monumental. Our first and most lasting impression derives from the roof form. Scaled to the landscape and designed to heighten our experience of its mass and drama, this folded-plane skillion floats across, gathers together and nestles up, creating rooms, connections and spaces with engagingly ambiguous levels of enclosure and function. The relaxed atmosphere of the country verandah is referenced through planning, materiality and effortless occupation. This is a contemporary architectural interpretation of the Australian colonial idyll. By intuitively embracing this legacy, the designer has created an elegant yet beguiling utilitarian house that truly captures the spirit of the place.
From the Houses Awards jury.

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